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30+ templates for real estate mobile sites
Choose a design that fits your corporate style
It’s important to maintain visual consistency through all of your marketing material. Sitomic offers 30+ templates in a variety of styles and colors to make sure you find the right fit.
Create real estate mobile profile site
Create your mobile profile
Fill out your basic information, contact details, and social links to create agent profile page. Having all your links in one place makes it easy for potential clients to connect with you, follow you on social networks, or share your information with others.
Mobile listings for real estate
Upload property listings with HD image galleries
Add listings anytime, anywhere by logging into your Sitomic account. Add High-Definition images that will be displayed in best quality on all devices, so you can make sure your listings always look sharp and professional.
How to use QR codes in real estate marketing
Generate QR Codes, print them on ads, brochures, and business cards
Sitomic allows you to generate print-quality QR codes for any page of your site. If you print a QR code beside a listing, people can scan it with a smartphone to view additional images or instantly share the listing via email or social networks.
Track visitors from QR codes
Sign in to your Sitomic account to track visitors
Track overall success of your site, or monitor individual pages from the “QR Code Manager” panel. Launch QR Code Tracking campaigns and monitor individual print advertisements.
Real estate marketing pricing
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There’s no contract, and no obligations. If you need to run your campaign only for one month - pay for one month. When the time is up, your site will not disappear but will simply go offline. You can re-activate it by purchasing more time from your project’s dashboard.

You will be notified by email when your site runs close to its expiration date, so you can add more before your site goes offline.
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